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Managing Crypto Through a Bear Market with HeightZero

Crypto for Planners
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Market conditions are not favorable today, but there isn't a better time to add real value to your clients planning and investments than right now.
On this episode of the CFP Podcast:

Crypto is impacting every aspect of your financial planning practice, and you need to be prepared. We cover how RIAs are implementing digital assets into their businesses, discuss how planners are introducing crypto to their clients, and cover the latest developments in blockchain that will impact your future as a financial planner
AJ Nary, Co-Founder
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- LinkedIn : @A.J. Nary
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Sean Waters, VP of Business Development
- Twitter: @SeanWatersHZ
- LinkedIn : @Sean Waters, CDAA™
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Please note, this article is intended for informational purposes only and should not be considered investment, tax or legal advice. Consult your investment, tax and legal teams for definitive guidance on any digital asset.